Eric R. Meshot

Contact information

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
7000 East Avenue
Livermore, CA 94550
phone: 925 423 7830


Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, University of Michigan 2012
M.S.E., Mechanical Engineering, University of Michigan 2011
M.S.E., Materials Science and Engineering, University of Michigan 2010
B.S., Engineering Physics, University of California at Berkeley 2007


Large-area carbon nanotube synthesis and complementary X-ray characterization tools for dynamic, multifunctional fabrics that protect against bio and chemical threats.

Recent publications

R. Thevamaran, E.R. Meshot, C. Daraio.  Shock formation and rate effects in impacted carbon nanotube foams (submitted).

E.R. Meshot, Z. Zhao, W. Lu, A.J. Hart.  Self-ordering of small-diameter metal nanoparticles by dewetting on hexagonal mesh templatesNanoscale, 2014 (in press).

S. Kim, F. Fornasiero, H. Park, J. B. In, E.R. Meshot, G. Giraldo, M. Stadermann, M. Fireman, J. Shan, C. P. Grigoropoulos, O. Bakajin.  Fabrication of flexible, aligned carbon nanotube/polymer composite membranes by in-situ polymerization. Journal of Membrane Science 460:91-98, 2014. []

M.J. Roberts, M.K. Leach, M. Bedewy, E.R. Meshot, D. Copic, J.M. Corey, A.J. Hart. Growth of primary motor neurons on horizontally aligned carbon nanotube thin films and striped patterns. Journal of Neural Engineering 11:036013, 2014. []

M.J. Roberts, N. Bhatt, C.M. Voge, E.R. Meshot, J.P. Stegemann, A.J. Hart. Self-assembly of suspended collagen films and their viability as cell culture substrates. Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 1 (37) 4711-4718, 2013. []

C.R. Oliver, E.S. Polsen, E.R. Meshot, S. Tawfick, S.J. Park, M. Bedewy, A.J. Hart. A statistical analysis of variation in laboratory growth carbon nanotube forests and recommendations for improvement of process consistency. ACS Nano, 7(4):3565-3580, 2013. []

M. Bedewy, E.R. Meshot, A.J. Hart.  Diameter-dependent activation and deactivation kinetics in carbon nanotube population growthCarbon 50(14):5106-5116, 2012. []

E.R. Meshot, E. A. Verploegen, M. Bedewy, S. Tawfick, A.R. Woll, K.S. Green, M. Hromalik, L.J. Koerner, H.T. Philipp, M.W. Tate, S.M. Gruner, A.J. Hart.  High-speed in situ X-ray scattering of carbon nanotube film nucleation and self-organizationACS Nano, 6(6):5091-5101, 2012. []

E.R. Meshot, K.D. Patel, S. Tawfick, K.A. Juggernauth, M. Bedewy, E.A. Verploegen, M.F.L. De Volder, A.J. Hart.  Photoconductive hybrid films via directional self-assembly of C60 on aligned carbon nanotubesAdvanced Functional Materials, 22(3):577-584, 2012.  []

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D.L. Plata,E.R. Meshot, (equal contribution)  C.M. Reddy, A.J. Hart, P.M. Gschwend.  Multiple alkynes react with ethylene to enhance carbon nanotube synthesis, suggesting polymerization-like formation mechanismACS Nano 4(10):7185-7192, 2010 []

E.R. Meshot,  M.Bedewy, (equal contribution) K.M. Lyons, A.R. Woll., K.A. Juggernauth, S. Tawfick, A.J. Hart.  Measuring the lengthening kinetics of aligned nanostructures by spatiotemporal correlation of height and orientation. Nanoscale 2:896–900, 2010. []

M.F.L. De Volder, D.O. Vidaud, E.R. Meshot, S. Tawfick, A.J. Hart.  Self-similar organization of arrays of individual carbon nanotubes and carbon nanotube micropillarsMicroelectronic Engineering 87(5–8):1233–1238, 2010. []

M. Bedewy, E.R. Meshot, H. Guo, E.A. Verploegen, W. Lu, A.J. Hart.  Collective mechanism for the evolution and self-termination of vertically aligned carbon nanotube growthJournal of Physical Chemistry C 113:20576–20582, 2009. []

E.R. Meshot, D.L. Plata, S. Tawfick, Y. Zhang, E. Verploegen, A.J. Hart.  Engineering vertically aligned carbon nanotubes by decoupled thermal treatment of precursor and catalystACS Nano 3(9):2477–2486, 2009. []

E.R. Meshot, A.J. Hart.  Abrupt self-termination of vertically aligned carbon nanotube growthApplied Physics Letters 92:113107, 2008. []