Paul Hoeprich

Contact information

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
7000 East Avenue
Livermore, CA 94550
phone: 925 42 3 9298


Ph.D. Biology, University of California at San Diego 19xx
B.A. Biology, University of California at Berkeley 19xx


Studies in bionanotechnology centered around fabrication and application of LLNL’s NanoLipoprotein Particle (NLP) technology.  NLP are cell membrane-bilayer containing nanoparticles that form when apolipoproteins and (phospho)lipids are mixed together and a particle-generating self-assembly event occurs. NLPs can serve as a platform for antigen presentation resulting in a vaccine (NIH funded research) or be conjugated with a microbial hydrogenase for non-petroleum based hydrogen production, i.e. biological hydrogen (Nzyme2HC collaboration) or adsorb functional rubber transferase biosynthetic enzymes to enable plant-free natural rubber production (USDA-ARS, Albany, CA).

Recent publications

“Colocalized Delivery of Adjuvant and Antigen Using Nanolipoprotein Particles Enhances the Immune Response to Recombinant Antigens”  Nicholas O. Fischer, Amy Rasley, Michele Corzett, Mona H. Hwang, Paul D. Hoeprich and Craig D. Blanchette (2013) J. Amer. Chem. Soc. 135(6):2044-2047

“Repurposing screens identify rifamycins as potential broad-spectrum therapy for multidrug-resistant A. baumannii and select agent microorganisms”, Brett A. Chromy, Mahar Elsheikh, Doug Livingston, Kyle Petersen, Jane P. Bearinger and Paul D. Hoeprich (2012) Future Microbiol. 7(8):1-9

“High-throughput isotopic analysis of RNA microarrays to quantify microbial resource use”, Xavier Mayali, Peter Weber, Eoin L. Brodie, Shalini Mabery, Paul D. Hoeprich and Jennifer Pett-Ridge (2011) The ISME Journal doi:10.1038/ismej.2011.175

“Conjugation to Nickel-Chelating Nanolipoprotein Particles Increases the Potency and Efficacy of Subunit Vaccines to Prevent West Nile Encephalitis”, Nicholas O. Fischer, Ernesto Infante, Tomohiro Ishikawa, Craig D. Blanchette, Nigel Bourne, Paul D. Hoeprich, and Peter W. Mason (2010) Bioconj. Chem. 21:1018-1022

“Kinetic Analysis of His-Tagged Protein Binding to Nickel-Chelating Nanolipoprotein Particles” Craig D. Blanchette, Nicholas O. Fischer, Michele Corzett, Graham Bench and Paul D. Hoeprich (2010) Bioconj. Chem. 21:1321–1330

”Isolation, Characterization and Stability of Discretely-Sized Nanolipoprotein Particles Assembled with Apolipophorin-III”, Nicholas O. Fischer, Craig D. Blanchette, Brent W. Segelke, Michele Corzett, Brett A. Chromy, Edward A. Kuhn, Graham Bench and Paul D. Hoeprich (2010) PLoS One 5:1-9, e11643

“Hydrogen Production by a Hyperthermophilic Membrane-Bound Hydrogenase in Water-Soluble Nanolipoprotein Particles”, Sarah E. Baker, Robert C. Hopkins, Craig D. Blanchette, Vicki L. Walsworth, Rhoda Sumbad, Nicholas O. Fischer, Edward A. Kuhn, Matt Coleman, Brett A. Chromy, Sonia E. Letant, Paul D. Hoeprich, Michael W. W. Adams and Paul T. Henderson (2009) J. Amer. Chem. Soc. 131:7508-7509

“Characterization and Purification of Polydisperse Reconsituted Lipoproteins and Nanolipoprotein Particles”, Craig D. Blanchette, Brent W. Segelke, Nicholas Fischer, Michele H. Corzett, Edward Kuhn, Jenny A. Cappuccio, Henry Benner, Matthew A. Coleman, Brett A. Chromy, Graham Bench, Paul D. Hoeprich and Todd A. Sulchek (2009) International J. of Mol. Sciences 10(7), 2958-2971

“Immobilization of His-tagged Proteins on Nickel-Chelating Nanolipoprotein Particles”, Nicholas O. Fischer, Craig D. Blanchette, Brett A. Chromy, Edward A. Kuhn, Brent W. Segelke, Michele Corzett, Graham Bench, Peter W. Mason and Paul D. Hoeprich (2009) Bioconjugate Chemistry 20:460-465